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Privacy Policy of Murrelektronik GmbH

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our company. We are highly committed to protecting your personal data. We will process your data in accordance with the applicable legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data, especially the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the country-specific implementing statutes applicable to us. Via this Privacy Statement, we will inform you comprehensively about the processing of your personal data by the company Murrelektronik GmbH and the rights you may have.

Personal data is information that allows a natural person to be identified. This data includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, but also your IP address.
Data is anonymous if it cannot be used to personally identify a user.

Controller and data protection officer

Murrelektronik GmbH
Falkenstraße 3
D-71570 Oppenweiler

Phone: +49 (71 91) 47-0
Fax: +49 (71 91) 47-491000
Email: info@murrelektronik.com

Contact details of the data protection officer: datenschutzbeauftragter@murrelektronik.de

Your rights as a data subject

  • First of all, we would like to inform you about the rights you have as a data subject. These rights are standardized in Articles 15 to 22 of the EU GDPR. They comprise the following:
  • The right of access (Art. 15 EU GDPR),
  • The right to erasure (Art. 17 EU GDPR),
  • The right to rectification (Art. 16 EU GDPR),
  • The right to data portability (Art. 20 EU GDPR),
  • The right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 EU GDPR),
  • The right to object to the data processing (Art. 21 EU GDPR).

In order to exercise such rights, please contact Mr. Martin Sigmund ( datenschutzbeauftragter@murrelektronik.de). Mr. Sigmund will also answer any questions on data processing in our company. Further, you have a right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority.

Rights to object

Please take account of the following regarding rights to object:

When we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you will have the right to object to such data processing without giving any reason. This also includes profiling to the extent that it is related to such direct marketing.
If you object to processing for direct marketing purposes, we will no longer process your personal data for such purposes. Such objection is free of charge and can be made without any form requirement, preferably to: Mr. Martin Sigmund ( datenschutzbeauftragter@murrelektronik.de)

In case we process your data to safeguard legitimate interests, you will have the right to object to such processing at any time for reasons resulting from your personal situation; this also includes profiling based on these provisions.

In such case, we will not process your personal data any longer, unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Purposes and legal bases of data processing

When processing your personal data, the provisions of the EU GDPR and all other applicable data protection provisions will be complied with. Legal bases for data processing will result from Art. 6 of the EU GDPR.
We will use your data for initial business contact, for fulfilling contractual and legal duties, for performing the contractual relationship, for offering products and services, and for strengthening the customer relationship which can include analyses for direct marketing purposes and direct advertising.

Your consent does also constitute a permission regulation in terms of data-protection law. Here, we will inform you about the data processing purposes and about your right of withdrawal. Should the consent also refer to the processing of special categories of personal data, we will expressly point that out to you in the consent, Art. 88(1) of the EU GDPR.

Special categories of personal data will only be processed for the purposes of Art. 9(1) of the EU GDPR if such processing is required on the basis of legal requirements and if there is no reason to believe that your legitimate interest in the exclusion of the processing prevails, Art. 88(1) EU GDPR.

Transfer to third parties

We will transfer your data to third parties only in compliance with the legal requirements or if the corresponding consent has been given. Otherwise no data will be transferred to third parties, unless we are obliged to do so on the grounds of compulsory legal provisions (transfer to external bodies such as supervisory authorities or prosecuting authorities).

Recipients of the data / categories of recipients

Within our company, we will ensure that only those individuals will receive your data who need them to fulfill the contractual and legal duties.
Frequently, service providers support our departments in performing their tasks. The required data protection agreements have been concluded with all service providers.

Transfer to a third country / intention to transfer to a third country

Data will only be transferred into a third country (outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, respectively) to the extent this is necessary to perform the contractual relationship, required by law or you have consented thereto.
We will transfer your personal data to a service provider or to group companies outside the European Economic Area: Switzerland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, India, China, South Korea, Singapore.

In this context, compliance with the level of data protection will be ensured by: AV agreements, EU standard contractual clauses / compulsory, entrepreneurial data protection regulations, signatory company of the EU–US Privacy Shield.
Storage period of the data

We will store your data as longs as such data is required for the respective purpose of the processing. Please note that many retention periods require the data to be stored longer. This applies in particular to retention periods under commercial law or fiscal law (e.g. Handelsgesetzbuch [German Commercial Code], Abgabenordnung [German Fiscal Code], etc.). To the extent no further retention periods exist, the data will be deleted routinely once the purpose has been fulfilled.

Furthermore, we may store data if you have granted us a permission therefore or if there are any legal controversies and we use evidence in the context of statutory periods of limitation, which can be up to thirty years; the regular period of limitation is three years.

Secure transfer of your data

In order to protect the data stored by us against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons, we take appropriate technical and organizational measures. The security levels will be continuously reviewed and adjusted in cooperation with security specialists.

The data exchange from and to our website will be encrypted. HTTPS is the transmission protocol employed for our website, using the current encryption protocol. In addition to that, as far as the contact forms and applications are concerned, we ensure all contents of our users are encrypted. Such data can only be decrypted by us. (Moreover, alternative means of communication can be used (e.g. postal service)).

Obligation to provide data

Various personal data are required for the establishment, performance and termination of the contractual relationship and for fulfilling the contractual and statutory duties in connection therewith. The same is true for the usage of our website and the various functions it provides.

For more details in this regard, please refer to the above-mentioned item. In certain cases, data have by law to be collected and/or provided. Please note that your request cannot be processed or the underlying contractual relationship cannot be performed without such data being provided.

Categories, sources and origin of the data

The data we process depend on the respective context: This depends, for example, on whether you are ordering online or entering a request into our contact form, whether you are submitting an application to us or lodging a complaint with us.

Please note that we may also provide information for special processing scenarios, where appropriate, e.g. when uploading application documents or when submitting a contact request.


When visiting our website, we will collect and process the following data:

  • Information about the website used to visit us
  • Web browser used and operating system used 
  • The IP address assigned by your internet service provider 
  • Requested files, transferred data volume, downloads / file export
  • Information about the websites you visit at our end, including date and time 
  • For technical security reasons (especially for the prevention of attempted attacks on our web server), such data will be stored in accordance with Art 6(1)(F) of the EU GDPR. After a period of no more than 7 days, the IP address will be anonymized by truncation so that no relation to the user can be established.

Within a contact request, we will collect and process the following data:

  • Company
  • Name
  • Department
  • Street Address
  • Postal code, town
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Your message
  • Details about requests and interests
  • Electronic system inside the switch cabinet
  • Interfaces
  • I/O systems
  • Connection technology

Within the ordering process, we will collect and process the following data:

  • Email address
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Department (optional)
  • Company
  • VAT ID
  • Shipping address (street address, postal code, town, country)
  • Billing address (street address, postal code, town, country)
  • Telephone (optional)
  • Telefax (optional)

When applying online, we will collect and process the following data:

  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • Town
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Type of attachment and attachments 
  • In addition to that, we use data which we have permissibly received from publicly accessible lists (e.g. professional networks).

In case of newsletters, we will collect and process the following data:

  • Company
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

Contact form / contact by email (Art. 6(1)(a)(b) EU GDPR)

On our website, a contract form can be found which can be used for contacting us electronically. When submitting your request via the contact form, we will process your data provided within the contact form to contact you and to reply to your questions and requests.

Here, the principle of data economy and data avoidance will be applied, meaning that you will only need to provide such data as are absolutely necessary to contact you. Such data is your email address and the message field itself. Moreover, for necessary technical reasons and for legal security reasons your IP address will be processed. Any other data is optional fields and can be provided on a voluntary basis (e.g. for a more individual reply to your requests).

To the extent you have contacted us by email, we will process the personal data submitted within such email only for the purpose of processing your request. To the extent you do not use the contact forms provided, there will be no data collection beyond this.

Newsletter (Art. 6(1)(a) EU GDPR)

On our website, you can subscribe to a newsletter free of charge. The email address you provide when subscribing to the newsletter, the name of the company you are working for, and your first and last name and your sex (title) will be used for sending the personalized newsletter.

Here, the principle of data economy and data avoidance will be applied as the email address field (possibly also the name field for a personalized newsletter) is the only mandatory field. For necessary technical reasons and for legal security reasons, also your IP address will be processed when subscribing to the newsletter.

You can, of course, unsubscribe and thus withdraw your consent at any time using the unsubscribe options provided in the newsletter. Further, you may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time directly via our website.

We use rapidmail to send our newsletter. As a result, your data will be transferred to rapidmail GmbH. rapidmail GmbH must not use your data for purposes other than for sending of the newsletters. rapidmail GmbH is not allowed to share your data with or to sell your data to any third parties. rapidmail GmbH is a German, certified newsletter software provider that has been thoughtfully chosen in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz [German Federal Data Protection Act].

Webshop (Art. 6(1)(b) EU GDPR)

We will process the data provided by you within the order form only for the purposes of performing and handling of the contractual relationship, unless you have agreed to any further use.

The principle of data economy and data avoidance will be applied as you will only have to provide us with data which is absolutely necessary for us to perform the contract and to fulfill our contractual duties (your name, address, email address and the payment data which is required for the selected payment method) or which we are legally bound to collect.

Moreover, for necessary technical reasons and for legal security reasons your IP address will be processed. Without such data, we will have no other choice but to refuse the contract to be concluded as we would then not be able to perform the same, or to terminate any existing contract. You may, of course, provide any further data voluntarily, if you want.

Registration / customer account (Art. 6(1)(a)(b) EU GDPR)

On your website, the users may register with their personal data. The advantages of such a registration is that you can access your order history and that the data you have provided will be stored for the order form. So, when placing another order in the future, you do not have to enter such data again.

Here, the principle of data economy and data avoidance will be applied as only the data which is necessary for the registration are marked with an asterisk (*) as a required field. Such data includes your email address and your password including the re-entered password.

Moreover, for orders which have been placed via our online shop to be shipped we need information regarding the billing address (title, first name, last name, address). If the shipping address does not correspond to the billing address, the above-mentioned details will also need to be provided for the shipping address.

Moreover, by registering on our website, the user’s IP address, the date and the time of the registration will be stored (technical background data). By clicking the “Register now” button, you give your consent to the processing of your data.

Please note: The password you have chosen will be stored by us in encrypted form. No employees of our company can read such password. Thus, they will be unable to provide you with information on your password in case you cannot remember your password.

In such case, please use the “Reset password” function whereupon an automatically generated new password will be sent to you by email. No employee is entitled to request your password from you by phone or by letter. Therefore, please do never communicate your password should you receive such requests.

By completing the registration process, your data will be stored with us and so you will be able to access the protected customer area. As soon as you have logged into our website with your email address as the user name and your password, such data will be provided for actions performed by you on our website (e.g. for orders in our online shop). Executed online orders can be tracked in the order history. Any changes to the billing or shipping address can be made here.

Registered users can elect to carry out any changes / corrections of the billing or shipping address in the order history themselves. Upon your request, any changes / corrections will also be done by our customer service assistants. You can, of course, annul or delete the registration or your customer account at any time. For this purpose, please just contact shop@murrelektronik.de.

Payment system (Art. 6(1)(a)(b) EU GDPR), credit analysis (Art. 6(1)(f) EU GDPR)

In our online shop you can buy on account. For this purpose, the payment-relevant data will be collected to execute your order and to effect payment. Moreover, for necessary technical reasons and for legal security reasons your IP address will be processed.

The principle of data economy and data avoidance will be applied as you will only have to provide us with data which is absolutely necessary for us to effect the payment and thus to perform the contract or which we are legally bound to collect. Without such data, we will have no other choice but to refuse the contract to be concluded as we would then not be able to perform the same.

Our payment systems use SSL encryption for the secure transfer of your data.

Marketing purposes existing customers (Art. 6(1)(f) EU GDPR)

Murrelektronik GmbH wishes to maintain the customer relationship with you and to provide you with information and offers regarding our products / services / offers. Therefore, we process your data in order to send you such information and offers by email.

If you do not want to receive such information and offers, you can at any time object to such use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes; which also includes profiling to the extent that it is related to such direct marketing. If you exercise your right to object, your data will not be processed for this purpose any longer.

You can enter such objection without giving reasons, free of charge, and without any form requirement; such objection should preferably be directed by email to datenschutzbeauftragter@murrelektronik.de or by letter to Murrelektronik GmbH, attn. Datenschutzbeauftragter, Falkenstr. 3, 71570 Oppenweiler.

Applicant portal (Art. 6(1)(a)(b) EU GDPR

Thank you for your interest in working with Murrelektronik GmbH. We are aware of the importance of your data and will process the data provided by you within the application form only for the purpose of effectively and correctly implementing the application procedure and for contacting you as part of the application process. No data will be transferred to any third parties, unless you have given your consent.

Within the application form you will be asked to provide personal data. Here, we will apply the principle of data economy and data avoidance as you will only have to provide us with data which we need to fully examine your application documents such as your first name, last name, sex (title), résumé, reports or which we are legally bound to collect. Such required information is marked with an * (asterisk). Moreover, for necessary technical reasons and for legal security reasons your IP address will be processed.

Without such data, we are unable to examine your application documents; therefore, in such case, no application documents can be uploaded into our application system. You can, of course, provide voluntary information in the application form.

In order to maintain optimally the security and confidentiality of your data, we implement relevant security measures. Your application documents will be transferred in encrypted form to us via our application system.

We will store your data for the above purpose until the application procedure has been completed and any deadlines in this regard have expired—no later than six months of receipt of a ruling. You may instruct us to store your application documents for a longer period of time and to match them with other vacancies which would be suitable for you according to your profile.

For this purpose, we need your consent which you can give us by clicking the checkbox before you upload your application documents. In such case, we will store your data for a period of 6 months. You can withdraw your consent at any time without giving reasons with effect for the future; to do so just contact the respective recruiter by phone, by email to bewerbung@murrelektronik.de or by letter to the above address.

Automated case-by-case decisions

We do not deploy any automated processing procedures for making decisions.

Cookies (Art. 6(1)(f) EU GDPR)

Our websites use so-called cookies at several locations. Cookies are used to improve the user friendliness, efficiency and security of our choice of products and services. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and saved by your browser (locally on your hard drive).

Via such cookies, we can analyze how users use our webpages. This way, we can design the website contents as per the users’ requirements. Moreover, cookies allow us to measure the effectiveness of certain advertisements and to have them placed, for example, dependent on the users’ thematic interests.

Most of the cookies that we use are the so-called “session cookies”. When you leave the website, they will be deleted automatically. Permanent cookies will be automatically deleted from your computer when their validity period (usually six months) has expired or if you delete them yourself before the validity period expires.

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. However, usually you can change the settings of your browser if you do not wish such information to be sent. In such case, you will still be able to use our choice of products and services without any restrictions (exception: Configurators).

We use cookies to improve the user friendliness, efficiency and security of our choice of products and services. In addition to that, we use cookies which allow us to analyze how users use our webpages. This way, we can design the contents as per the users’ requirements. Moreover, cookies allow us to measure the effectiveness of certain advertisements and to have them placed, for example, dependent on the users’ thematic interests.

Cookies will be saved on the user’s computer which will transmit them to our website. Thus, you as the user will have full control over the use of cookies. By changing the settings in your internet browser, you can disable or restrict the transmission of cookies. In addition to that, cookies which have already been placed can be deleted at any time via an internet browser or other software programs. This can be done in any common internet browser.
Please note: If you disable cookies, it could be that not all the functions of our website will be completely available.

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User profiles / web tracking procedures

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, text files that are stored on your computer and that allow an analysis to be made of your use of the website. The information generated by the cookies with, respect to your use of this website, will be generally transmitted to and stored by a Google server in the USA. In case of activation of the IP anonymization on this website, your IP address will, however, be truncated by Google within the member states of the European Union or other countries party to the agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address will be transferred to a server in the USA where it will then be truncated. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of that website, to compile reports on website activity and to provide other services to the website operator in conjunction with the use of the website and the internet. The IP address transferred from your browser by Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data. You can prevent the storage of cookies by setting your browser software accordingly, but we must point out that you may not be able to use all functions of this website completely, if you elect to do so. You can also prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookie and the data related to your use (incl. your IP address) to Google and the processing of these data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in on the following link (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en): For further information on the conditions of use and data protection, please visit https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html or https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en. Please be advised that, on this website, Google Analytics has been extended by the code “gat._anonymizeIp()” to assure an anonymized recording of IP addresses (known as IP masking).

You can contradict to the collection by Google Analytics and use of your data for the presentation of advertisements under this link.


Facebook Custom Audiences

This website uses the "Facebook Pixel" of the social network Facebook, which is owned by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA, or, if you are located in the EU, Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland is operated.

The data processing is based on the legal basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR, our legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest is in analyzing the use of our online offer in order to optimize it consistently and sustainably.

If applicable, Facebook Inc. will transfer personal information to the United States. Facebook is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement (https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000GnywAAC&status=Active.) Facebook is committed to adhering to EU privacy standards.

You can enable Facebook and its affiliates to show ads on and off Facebook. For these purposes, a cookie can be stored on your computer. We use the Facebook pixel to display the advertisements we provide only to users who have also visited our website or who have certain characteristics that we transmit to Facebook. With the help of the Facebook pixel, Facebook is able to designate our website visitors as the target group for the presentation of advertisements.

We collect and process the following data from your use of our service: IP address, timestamps, views. The data is stored for 7 days after which the anonymization is automatically carried out. After 90 days, this data will be deleted.

Facebook Pixel helps tracking your behavior across multiple pages after you've seen or clicked on a Facebook ad. The purpose of this process is to evaluate the effectiveness of Facebook advertisements for statistical and market research purposes and may help to optimize future advertising efforts.

The processing of the data by Facebook takes place within the framework of the Facebook Data Usage Guideline: https://www.facebook.com/policy. Specific information about the Facebook pixel and how it works can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/651294705016616.

You can contradict to the collection by the Facebook pixel and use of your data for the presentation of advertisements with this link.


LinkedIn Insight Tag

This website uses LinkedIn Inc.'s analysis and conversion tracking technology ("LinkedIn"), LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland. LinkedIn's technology can help you see more relevant, interest-based advertising.

The data processing is based on the legal basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR, our legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest is in analyzing the use of our online offer in order to optimize it consistently and sustainably.

We also receive aggregated and anonymous reports from LinkedIn on ad activities and information about how you interact with our website. However, LinkedIn is able to associate the visit to our page with your LinkedIn user account.

We have no control over the information that LinkedIn collects or the extent of the information collected by LinkedIn. We also have no knowledge of the content of the data submitted to LinkedIn.

More information on LinkedIn privacy can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy#choices-oblig 

You may object to the analysis of your usage behavior by LinkedIn and the display of interest-based recommendations ("opt-out"); click on "Decline on LinkedIn" (for LinkedIn members) or "Decline" (for other users) at https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/guest-controls/retargeting-opt-out.

You can contradict to the collection by the LinkedIn Insight Tag and use of your data for the presentation of advertisements with this link.


LinkedIn Ads / LinkedIn Analytics
We use LinkedIn Ads, a service of LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland (hereafter referred to as "LinkedIn") on our website. LinkedIn Ads stores and processes information about your user behavior on our website. Among other things, LinkedIn Ads uses cookies, small text files that are stored locally in the cache of your web browser on your device, and which enable us to analyze the use of our website by you.

We use LinkedIn Ads for marketing and optimization purposes, in particular to analyze the use of our website and to continuously improve individual functions and offers as well as the user experience. Through the statistical evaluation of user behavior, we can improve our offer and make it more interesting for you as a user. This is also our legitimate interest in the processing of the above data by the third party. The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR.

You can prevent the installation of cookies by deleting existing cookies and deactivating the storage of cookies in the settings of your web browser. We point out that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of our website to the full extent. You can also prevent LinkedIn from collecting the aforementioned information by placing an opt-out cookie on one of the websites linked below:

We point out that this setting will be deleted when you delete your cookies. You may object to or interfere with the collection and transfer of personal information by disabling the execution of Java Script in your browser. In addition, you can prevent the execution of Java script code altogether by installing a Java Script Blocker. We point out that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of our website to the full extent.

In addition, LinkedIn has become subject to the Privacy Shield Agreement between the European Union and the United States and has become certified. As a result, LinkedIn commits to adhering to the standards and regulations of European data protection law. Further information can be found in the following linked entry: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000L0UZAA0&status=Active

Third-party information: LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland. For more information about the privacy of the third party, please visit the following website: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy


Google Tag Manager

This website uses Google Tag Manager. This service allows website tags to be managed through a single interface. The Google Tag Manager only implements tags. This means: no cookies are used and no personal data is collected. Google Tag Manager triggers other tags, which may collect data. However, Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If deactivated at the domain or cookie level, it will remain in effect for all tracking tags as far as they are implemented with the Google Tag Manager.

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GA Audiences

GA Audiences, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, "Google"), collects and stores data on this web site, from which usage profiles are created using aliases. Through this technology, users who have already visited our websites and online services will see targeted advertising from us on other external sites within the Google Partners Network. For this purpose, a cookie is set on your computer, with which the user behavior, when visiting the website can be analyzed and then used for specific product recommendations and interest-based advertising. By setting the cookie, no personal data is stored and processed. If you do not wish to receive interest-based advertising, you can disable Google's use of cookies for these purposes by following the instructions on https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb#display_optout.


Double Click

Our website uses the features of Google Analytics Remarketing in conjunction with the cross-device capabilities of Google AdWords and Google DoubleClick. Provider is the Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

This feature allows you to link the advertising audiences created with Google Analytics remarketing to the cross-device features of Google AdWords and Google DoubleClick. In this way, interest-based personalized advertising messages customized to you based on your previous usage and browsing behavior on one end device (e.g., cell phone) may also be displayed on another of your end devices (e.g., tablet or PC).

The processing is based on our legitimate interest in optimally marketing our website in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR and you can make use of your rights at any time.

Once you have given your consent, Google will associate your web and app browsing history with your Google Account for this purpose. That way, the same personalized advertising messages can appear on any device you sign in to with your Google Account.

To support this feature, Google Analytics collects Google-authenticated IDs of users that are temporarily linked to our Google Analytics data to define and create audiences for cross-device ad promotion.
You can permanently opt out of cross-device remarketing / targeting by disabling personalized ads in your Google Account; follow this link: https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb/

For more information and privacy policy regarding advertising and Google, please visit: http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/


Google AdWords Conversion

This website uses Google AdWords. AdWords is an online advertising program of Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland ("Google").

As part of Google AdWords, we use the conversion tracking. When you click on an ad served by Google, a conversion tracking cookie is set. Cookies are small text files that the Internet browser stores on the user's computer. These cookies lose their validity after 30 days and are not used for the personal identification of the users. If the user visits certain pages on this website and the cookie has not expired yet, we may recognize that the user has clicked on the ad and has been redirected to this page. Each Google AdWords customer receives a different cookie. The cookies can not be tracked through the websites of advertisers. The information gathered, using the conversion cookie, is used to generate conversion statistics for AdWords advertisers who have opted for conversion tracking. Customers are told the total number of users who clicked on their ad and were redirected to a conversion tracking tag page. However, they do not receive any information that personally identifies users.

If you do not want to participate in tracking, you can opt-out of this by easily disabling the Google Conversion Tracking cookie through its Internet browser under User Preferences. You will not be included in the conversion tracking statistics.

The storage of "conversion cookies" is based on Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in analyzing user behavior in order to optimize both its website and its advertising.

For more information about Google AdWords and Google Conversion Tracking, see the Google Privacy Policy: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/. You can set your browser, so that you are informed about the setting of cookies and cookies only in individual cases allow, the acceptance of cookies for certain cases or generally exclude and activate the automatic deletion of cookies when closing the browser. Disabling cookies may limit the functionality of this website.


Google Dynamic Remarketing

We use the Remarketing or "Like Audiences" feature of Google Inc. on our website (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; "Google"). This feature is for the purpose of analyzing visitor behavior and visitor interests.

Google uses cookies to carry out the analysis of the website usage, which forms the basis for the creation of interest-based advertisements. The cookies are used to record site visits and anonymous data on the use of the website. There is no storage of personal data of visitors to the website. If you visit another website on the Google Display Network, you'll see advertisements that are likely to include previously viewed product and information areas.

Processing is based on Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR with a legitimate interest in targeting visitors to the Website through advertising by showing personalized, interest-based advertising ads to visitors to the Provider's website when visiting other sites on the Google Display Network.

You can permanently deactivate the use of cookies by Google by following the link below and downloading and installing the plug-in provided there: https://support.google.com/ads/answer/7395996?hl=en
Alternatively, you may opt out of third-party cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative deactivation page at www.networkadvertising.org/choices/ and implementing the opt-out information listed there.

For more information about Google Remarketing and its privacy policy, please visit: https://www.google.com/privacy/ads/


Bing ads

Our website uses Bing Ads' technology to collect and store data that is used to create usage profiles, using pseudonyms. This is a service of Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA.

This service allows us to track user activity on our website when it has reached our website through advertisements from Bing Ads. If you reach such an ad on our website, a cookie will be placed on your computer. There is a Bing UET tag integrated on our website. This is a code used to store some non-personally identifiable information about the use of the Website in connection with the cookie. This includes, among other things, the time spent on the website, which areas of the website were accessed and the ad that brought users to the website.

Information about your identity will not be collected. The collected information is transmitted to Microsoft servers in the USA and stored there for a maximum of 180 days.
You can prevent the collection of data generated by the cookie and related to your use of the website as well as the processing of this data by deactivating the setting of cookies. This may limit the functionality of the site. In addition, through cross-device tracking, Microsoft may be able to track your usage behavior across multiple of your electronic devices, enabling it to display personalized advertising on or in Microsoft websites and apps. You can disable this behavior at http://choice.microsoft.com/en-us/opt-out.

For more information about Bing analytics services, visit the Bing Ads Web site (https://help.bingads.microsoft.com/#apex/3/en/53056/2).
For more information about privacy at Microsoft and Bing, see the Microsoft Privacy Policy (https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement).

You can contradict to the collection by  Bing Ads and use of your data for the presentation of advertisements under this link.


Pardot Marketing Automation System

We use the Pardot Marketing Automation System ("Pardot MAS") from Pardot LLC, 950 E. Paces Ferry Rd. Suite 3300 Atlanta, GA 30326, USA ("Pardot") on our website. Pardot is a special software for recording and evaluating the use of a website by website visitors in order to optimise our website. Insofar as Pardot LLC processes personal data, the processing is carried out exclusively on our behalf and according to our instructions. Through an individual agreement with Pardot LLC, we have ensured that Pardot LLC complies with the EU data protection basic regulation.
When you visit our website, Pardot MAS records your click path and creates an individual user profile using a pseudonym. Cookies are used for this purpose, which enable your browser to be recognised. By agreeing to the use of cookies when you use our website for the first time by confirming the so-called cookie acceptance banner, you also agree to the use of cookies from Pardot. 
You can withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future:

Edit cookie settings


Matomo without cookies

On this website, certain user information is collected and stored using the web analytics software Matomo (www.matomo.org), a service provided by InnoCraft Ltd, 150 Willis St, 6011 Wellington, New Zealand ("Matomo"). From this information, pseudonymized usage profiles can be created and evaluated.

Using Matomo, the following data is collected and stored under a user ID (config_id):

  • Two bytes of the IP address of the calling system of the user
  • Website visited, date and time of the visit
  • Website from which the user has reached the visited website (referrer)
  • Subpages and external pages accessed as well as downloaded content
  • Time spent on the website and loading times of the pages displayed
  • Frequency with which the website is visited
  • Screen resolution, browser language and browser type
  • System time and approximate location (country, region, city, longitude/latitude)

The information collected using Matomo technology is processed exclusively on our servers in Germany. The data is not passed on to Matomo or other third parties.

This website uses Matomo exclusively without the use of cookies, which means that Matomo does not set cookies on your terminal device at any time.

Matomo recognizes returning users with the help of a so-called config_id. This is a random string of characters that is calculated using the first 2 bytes of the IP address, as well as the browser plugins, the operating system and the selected browser language of the user and then hashed. The ID is deleted and recreated after 24 hours, so that the user cannot be recognized by the website on subsequent visits.

Matomo is set in such a way that the IP addresses are not stored in detail, 2 bytes of the IP address are masked (e.g.: 192.168.xxx.xxx). In this way, it is no longer possible to assign the shortened IP address to the calling device.

If you do not agree to the storage and evaluation of the information from your visit, you can object to the storage and use for the future at any time by clicking the button. In this case, a so-called opt-out cookie will be stored in your browser, with the consequence that Matomo will not collect any session data. Please note that if you delete your cookies completely, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted and you may have to reactivate it.

Deactivcate Matomo 

The legal basis for the processing is Art. 6 I 1 f) GDPR, whereby the authorization of the processing arises to protect the legitimate interests of Murrelektronik in the evaluation of the website data for the purposes of its optimization.

Social Media

Xing Share-Button

We would like to inform you about the processing of personal data by means of the function of the XING Share button.

On this website the "XING share button" is used. When accessing this website, your browser will establish a connection to XING AG servers ("XING"), with which the "XING Share Button" functions (in particular the calculation / display of the counter value) will be provided. XING does not store personal data about you by calling this website. In particular, XING does not store any IP addresses. There is also no evaluation of your usage behavior via the use of cookies in connection with the "XING Share Button". The current data protection information on the "XING Share Button" and additional information can be found on this website: https://www.xing.com/app/share?op=data_protection

Online offerings and children

Without the consent of their parents or legal guardians, persons under the age of 16 must not transfer any personal data to us or submit any declaration of consent. We would like to invite parents and legal guardians to participate in the online activities and interests of their children.

Links to other vendors

Our website contains, clearly visible, also links to the websites of other companies. To the extent there are links to websites of other vendors, we have no influence over their contents. Thus, we cannot assume any responsibility or liability for such contents. The respective provider or operator of the pages is responsible for the content of these pages and websites.

When the link is created, these linked pages are checked to ensure that they do not violate any statutory provisions. No legally infringing content could be detected at the time the link was created. Permanently monitoring the content of the linked pages is, however, unreasonable without concrete indications of a violation of law. As soon as we become aware of any legislative infringements, we will remove the such links immediately.

Cloud service (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b EU-DS-GVO)

On our website we offer our customers the possibility to upload their plant and machine data to our Cloud Service (Murrelektronik GmbH, Falkenstraße 3, D-71570 Oppenweiler, datenschutzbeauftragter@murrelektronik.de). This allows the individual machine statuses to be called up. The result of the check can be called up by the customer on his mobile phone.

We offer this service to fulfil our customer contracts (legal basis Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b EU-DS-GVO).

The principle of data economy and data avoidance is observed, as only the data necessary for access to the cloud (e-mail address) need be provided. It is also possible to use a non-personal e-mail address.

When accessing the cloud, the user's IP address, the time of access and the evaluation activities are also stored (technical background data).
If you wish to be informed about the machine status by phone or SMS, you must also provide a phone or mobile phone number.

We work together with various service providers to provide the Cloud Service. The necessary data protection agreements have been concluded with these service providers. The data will not be transferred to a third country outside the EU / EEA.

We store your data as long as they are needed to access the cloud. In addition, we must observe statutory storage obligations, e.g. from tax or commercial law. Provided that there are no further storage obligations, the data is routinely deleted after the purpose has been achieved. Deletion of the data after the purpose has been achieved is mandatory by law and should be implemented for liability reasons.

You can find further information about our cloud service here: https://www.murrelektronik.com/downloads/further-documents/legal/.


Last update: August 2020

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